Some stores give you Bonus Bucks that are good only for a very limited time. Others give you coupons that give a percentage off your next buy. Some barrage you via text message or email with a never-ending battle for your loyalty.

Now you can do that in a more effective and productive way with SPOT, retail’s answer to winning at brand awareness.

SPOT knows your customer and uses that information to nudge them back to your store, time and again. It does not offer them deals on things that they don’t buy and don’t want. What it DOES do is offer deals on items that your customer buys and what your customer already wants.

An example would be that SPOT would not send your customer a coupon for make-up when SPOT knows that what your customer loves and buys is facial cleansers, creams, masks and serums. In fact, SPOT knows what brands, how often they buy and what scent they love AND when they should run out.

Stop sending all of your customers the same offers when SPOT can send each unique customer a unique offer. This will be how you continue to build and maintain brand awareness and build loyalty.

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I recently bought a high-end handbag that I got on sale. I’m thrilled with my purchase, but I am not as thrilled with the onslaught of offers and nudges I get via email every day and often more than once a day.

I love the brand and I don’t mind being reminded that I love them, but the type of offers are ones that I am not interested in. In that respect, if it rather aggravating.

If this retailer used SPOT, the process would be different and so much better. SPOT would consider my past buying habits so it would know that I purchase a new bag every few months. They would know that I never pay full price regardless of how gorgeous the bag is. They would know that I only buy leather and never do any kind of canvas bag. They would know I never spend over $180 for a bag. They would also know when I’m in the neighborhood.

How is this possible? SPOT leverages AI combined with GPS technology to serve up targeted offers that are unique for each customer based on their in-depth shopping history, delivery preferences, and physical location.

SPOT considers the preferences of the customer and does not inundate them with offers that they don’t care about. SPOT is the answer in changing the customer experience.

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SPOT dashboards on every device


SPOT by McKinsol is a revolutionary application that allows retailers big or small to drive sales through directed promotions. Feature new product launches, seasonal products, slow movers and/or products soon to be discontinued with customized offers.

Whether promotions are sent as a notification via the SPOT mobile app or through social media, geospatial features ensure customers are notified of the latest and greatest deals in real time at the right time.

Intuitive interfaces and dashboards provide precise and important information for business activities happening on SPOT. It supplies valuable insights that keep management updated about customer activity captured on the SPOT platform.

Make a difference in your bottom line for 2019 and SIGN UP for your FREE TRIAL today.

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Customer making a purchase after getting a personalized offer when she was close to your store.


Imagine a day where foot traffic is non-existent and the window displays are just not bringing in the customers. That is the time to put the power of SPOT to work!

Using GPS, you can see if any of your customers are in a radius around your store. You can send on-the-fly coupons directly to their phones. These coupons or offers are personalized to each customer based on their buying history and patterns.

Your customers are already out and about and close to you and when they receive a personalized offer from your store, they will feel compelled to visit and to buy.

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