Real Target Marketing

February 28th, 2019 Posted by Spot Automation 0 thoughts on “Real Target Marketing”


Can you picture yourself out doing errands and as usual, you were in a hurry and didn’t make a list. All of a sudden you get a text message with a coupon for your favorite shampoo and it strikes you that you had forgotten but that yes, you were almost out.

It not only reminded you that you needed shampoo, but you now are going to get it at a great price.

How is this possible? How could someone know that you needed shampoo and give you a coupon for your favorite brand?

That is exactly one of the things that SPOT can do. It knows your shopping history and it uses it and your pattern of purchases to ascertain how often you buy shampoo and what your favorite brand is. SPOT ‘knows’ when you are going to run out of shampoo. SPOT’s powerful back-end database uses AI to not only collect information but transform it into information to be used to market directly to each individual customer.

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