Reinforcing Brand Awareness

January 29th, 2019 Posted by Brand Loyalty 0 thoughts on “Reinforcing Brand Awareness”


Some stores give you Bonus Bucks that are good only for a very limited time. Others give you coupons that give a percentage off your next buy. Some barrage you via text message or email with a never-ending battle for your loyalty.

Now you can do that in a more effective and productive way with SPOT, retail’s answer to winning at brand awareness.

SPOT knows your customer and uses that information to nudge them back to your store, time and again. It does not offer them deals on things that they don’t buy and don’t want. What it DOES do is offer deals on items that your customer buys and what your customer already wants.

An example would be that SPOT would not send your customer a coupon for make-up when SPOT knows that what your customer loves and buys is facial cleansers, creams, masks and serums. In fact, SPOT knows what brands, how often they buy and what scent they love AND when they should run out.

Stop sending all of your customers the same offers when SPOT can send each unique customer a unique offer. This will be how you continue to build and maintain brand awareness and build loyalty.

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