SPOT, a mobile app and SaaS platform for retailers, leverages AI to push preference-based SMS mobile promotions to geo-specific shoppers. Built by McKinsol Consulting, Inc.

Mobile Coupon App with Powerful Retail Data Management

Whether you own a single retail store or are a national chain, SPOT reinforces brand awareness, loyalty and drives foot traffic into your store.  SPOT is a location-based, dedicated, coupon app with a powerful back-end that uses passive automation combined with on-the-fly GPS-based SMS delivery, of personalized promotions.

SPOT integrates with SAP or non-SAP systems and uses current and historical data to target and automate offers via text, email, or social media. Each coupon / promotional offer is targeted to a particular customer so each is unique. SPOT is fast becoming the most powerful tool for the retail marketer by combining ease of use with results!

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leveregel gps


Leverages GPS technology to locate and engage customers.



Automatically Match a Customer’s Purchase History with Current Promotions!

where are your customers

Real-time Offers!

On-the-fly promotions direct to your customer’s smart phone.

is it slow


SPOT and reach out to shoppers in a set radius around your store.



Special Offer App

Personalize special offers based on preferences.

Push Offers

Deliver coupons to mobile and social media.

Powerful Targeting

Pin-point shoppers in a select radius of your store.

Track Results

Measure results, per purchase / person.

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The McKinsol Story

As its platinum innovations have continued through the years, McKinsol Consulting is most excited to feature for the RETAIL Industry in 2019 SPOT, our highly-informed, Omni-Channel, proximity-based, and Customer Engagement Suite.  SPOT enables our RETAIL Client Partners to push personalized promotions to influence their customers to real-time paths to Purchase.

McKinsol is Proud to be among America’s SAP premier Silver and signed Build Partners.

McKinsol Global Enterprise Management specialists partner within the FASHION | RETAIL Industry Sectors and are fully Invested to deliver exceptional on-demand support and unparalled access to the highly sought-after SAP S/4 HANA and key industry experience needed across the broadest range of technologies for the digital transformation economy.

Working with innovating FASHION | RETAIL Executive IT and forward looking Digital Enterprise Business Leaders in North America McKinsol helps its Client-Partners to align a distinctive advantage and greater competitive-Value needed to drive Operational Excellence and Exceptional Digital Business Transformation Outcomes across the RETAIL enterprise.

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SPOT’s focus is to give each store outlet the ability to target and engage their customers when they are in close proximity to their store. Using GPS Technology with customer data, including purchasing history, the system generates a purchasing opportunity,sending an SMS to his/her smart phone.  This unique solution pushes offers and coupons to customers when close to a store, thus motivating him/her to quickly go to and buy the item, in-store.


This solution is so targeted, it knows what items each prospect would be interested in. This increases foot traffic, brand awareness, customer retention, and loyalty.


SPOT has the ability, based on customer data, to up sell and cross-sell a full line of products. It also compares customer data with new products And offerings and generates coupons delivered automatically to each Individual customer via email, social media, or text message.

Introduce New Products    

Up sell and Cross Sell  

SPOT works in the background to continuously match your inventory With what each customer wants. Promoting your products based upon Your customer’s purchasing history, you will remove the “clutter” of Unwanted and unused offers.


Real-time Offers

SPOT drives traffic on the fly. An example would be a slow day with only a few customers. The store manager has the ability to send out a special offer to all customers within the store’s set radius. A time and geo-sensitive SMS can bring almost immediate results. This promotion can be a specific product or a coupon for any product you offer. With SPOT’s unique tracking and analytics, the store manager will see how many customers are within the radius and the on-the-fly analytics permit decisions to be made at the store level on what promotions provided the best outcomes, thereby improving each promotion moving forward.


SPOT uses an interface that permits the store manager to see exactly where past customers are in relationship to the store. By knowing this a shop manager can have a pretty good idea of whether their customer is out and about town. With the customer’s purchase history directly accessible on the dashboard, the manager can create a special offer or coupon especially for him/her.

Millennials Thrive on Coupons

Your branded SMS messages are perfect for the millennial who is more concerned with price than brand loyalty. Offering the right promotions to your customers, at the right time, will bring them into your store again and again.